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IFOFA Online Bookstore website design and development

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Saudi Arabia (KSA)

That is to say, creating an online bookstore website design and development for IFOFA was joyful work that we enjoyed doing. IFOFA online bookshop or bookstore provides educational resources for parents and teachers in the forms of electronic books (eBooks) and worksheets directed to students. In addition, many teacher assistance tools are available to be used in the educational process to facilitate the access and understanding of the scientific material simply.

IFOFA Online Bookstore website design and development
IFOFA Online Bookstore website design and development

Are you seeking to have more power over your bookselling and revenues instead of selling your book using common book sites like Amazon, Smashwords, etc.? Having an online bookshop or bookstore can be a very profitable business to sell your e-Books. We are ready to help those who are waiting to turn their ideas into a decent business venture.


The original IFOFA online bookstore website showed many user interface issues and user experience (UI/UX). In addition, lack of interactivity, security standards, and numerous performance issues. Creating a whole website design and development from scratch was a challenge because of the vast number of eBooks that need to be online in a limited time. In addition, it needs to have a unique visual appearance to increase sales and membership sign-ups for the bookstore.
Lack of any visual appeal
Many performance issues
limited time for many products

Our approach.

Firstly, we focused on conducting a competitive analysis to discover how the bookstore compares with its competitors. Secondly, we conducted user research to find out more about customer's needs. Finally, we concentrated on book searching functionality, grouping, and membership improvement features. In addition, we provided an artistic website design to forward the philosophy and professional message upfront.
CMS system
Full stock management
Complete server security
Full eCommerce optimization

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IFOFA is a responsive bookstore website

IFOFA's online bookstore website was designed and developed to be available through most smart devices and different screen resolutions. In other words, the website's users can browse eBooks and buy on the go, whether it is on a desktop, tablet, or the newest smartphone.

We keep an eye on the performance of your online bookstore website, as this will affect things like conversion rates & customer satisfaction. For instance, high-performing websites complete a search in 3 seconds while slow ones take more than 8 seconds to do so.

Optimized bookstore website speed and performance

IFOFA online bookstore website speed and performance

Bookstore website SEO optimization

Above all, we make sure that we look after the SEO for all of our clients. We do this by sticking to the best practices in the industry and optimizing your business for search engines like Google. Our strategies increase your organic search score so you are able to compete for rankings at the top of their SERP.

On-Site SEO
Meta information
Page structure
Link structure



Boost for new online book orders through the website



Increase for all organic traffics consequently, new clients reach



Visually engaging more clients online in addition to new referrals

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