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Nowadays, almost 65% of internet traffic and visits to any website come from modern mobile devices. In addition, current customers demand accessibility from any device, anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is essential to update websites to readjust and be viewable through countless new screen resolutions and devices. If you require to grow and expand your business possibilities, you must have a responsive website design.

A quality responsive website design will guarantee your business more traffic and encourage customers to buy your products or services.

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Our responsive website design characteristics

We go beyond to reach your perfect responsive website design requirements

Competitive pricing
We care about your project budgets. For that, we provide affordable costs for small and startup businesses to help them flourish.
Quality all the way
We understand that the quality of the work is a must and should be noticeable for everyone with the other efforts of your business.
Optimized loading speed
Fully optimized HTML code, CSS, images, and other assets to assure loading speed is at its best. Additionally, your website SEO will get better improvement.
Browser compatibility
Exceptional reliability and quality by doing obsessive testing on 25+ devices to ensure better performance, navigation, appearance, ease of use, and more.
We're different

But what makes SIMPLIXI different from other responsive website design service providers?

Experienced web designers
Our front-end specialists develop innovative solutions, delivering seamless experiences for websites to render precisely no matter the device, platform, or browser.
Explicit quality
We consistently use the most suitable practices for any project and are constantly up to date with the latest trends and web technology.
Proven & efficient results
We follow transparent rules, always keeping you in the loop with professional delivery, cost-effective, and designed to match your goals and budget.
Customer satisfaction
Our clients are always happy, thanks to committed account and project managers, consistent delivery teams, and open communication lines.

We're expert web engineers specialized in providing professional responsive websites and trust.

Let it be a simple bootstrap website, large eCommerce store, multilingual WordPress, or any online business website. We're loyal to delivering unique responsive website services by finding simple web solutions to complex challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Have a question?

We appreciate our visitor's concerns, and in order to help them, we appended a few of the most frequently asked questions about responsive website design

In a nutshell, responsive web design (RWD) is a design and development approach that creates progressive adjustments to the appearance of a website. Depending on the screen dimension and orientation of the device being used to view it. RWD is one method to designing for the many types of devices available to customers, varying from small smartphones to huge desktop monitors.

On the other hand, a responsive website design service is the process of identifying, creating all of the components and elements of the website concerning different screen sizes and resolutions.

This process includes: flexible and responsive images, custom layout structure, CSS media queries, adjusting different breakpoints, finally, showing or hiding content to make everything fit as screen size changes.

While a mobile-first approach and responsive website design may sound interchangeable terms, they're very different.

Mobile-first sites are mainly for smartphones and other hand-held devices. Developers built these sites to operate on small screens with quick load times and structured contact information focused on encouraging users to contact the business as quickly as possible. Since mobile-first targets specifically mobiles and small screen sizes, mobile sites won't constantly look correct on desktop or laptop computers. After all, they designed for small screens, so when they're expanded, there will be some differences between how the site looks on smartphones and how it looks on desktops.

In addition, the compressed, effective design of a mobile-first site decreases the use of multimedia, HD photos, and other appealing site elements. And, the riskiest part is, your mobile site will have a separate URL from your main website, meaning that you could start struggling with yourself for essential keywords.

On the other hand, responsive websites developed to work on any size screen and device, from large desktops to the smallest smartphones. Rather than designing various layouts to fit many sizes and resolutions, responsive sites check the device's size and adjust automatically to fit.

Adapting to different devices is an excellent asset since there are many different screen sizes globally. However, the main disadvantage of a responsive web design is that you have to find a perfect layout for your site that works perfectly for both desktops and mobile devices. Finally, it needs much time testing to get a responsive site operating faultlessly.

Responsive web design directly affects SEO, conversion rates, user experience (UX), and other website parameters. In addition, it indirectly helps in the growth of income that arises from your website. Below are few points to consider:

  • Increased Mobile Traffic: the statistic shows that roughly 65% of global internet traffic generated from mobile devices. Hence, you need to consider a responsive web design to help you if you want to succeed in your business.
  • Better User Experience: we can measure it by calculating the time a user spends on a website to read its contents. No matter how good your content is, if the reader finds it hard to navigate or access, they will abandon the website resulting in higher bounce rates.
  • Lower Bounce Rates: bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the website shortly after they open. If you have a responsive website, visitors will be more attracted to the website.
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Improved SEO
  • Less Load Time of Websites
  • Share your design or idea with us. Reach out to us and send all the design assets or your idea through our free quotation page.
  • Analysis and interaction. After receiving the request throughout our free quotation page, we will reach you to review the functional requirements and design to prepare the execution of the project.
  • Design and development. Shortly after confirming the functionality and related timing and budget, we start your responsive website design.
  • QA and testing. We use several measurement methods to be confident that your website is accurate as agreed, error and bug-free.
  • Delivery and feedback. The perfect responsive website project is now ready to deliver right in your hands. We will reach you to transfer and will wait to have your helpful feedback.

Next step. Now that you have your perfect responsive website, you can proceed to the next stage by choosing any other corresponding services and solutions that we offer like:

  • Design solutions
  • Development solutions
  • UI/UX solutions
  • SEO solutions
  • Hosting solutions
  • Other services

A standard responsive design website can take around three weeks at a minimum and up to 14 weeks at a maximum from start to launch. More complicated projects take longer to finish or as requires by the client. It also depends on how fast the client replies to us with his feedback.

Enhance your responsive website design needs with other related services and solutions like:

  • Exceptionally response and turnaround time.
  • We always support our clients throughout the project phase and after the delivery.
  • We sign NDA to assure you that your project information remains confidential and safe.
  • We perform many testing and make sure of the quality of our work before delivering.
  • We charge a straightforward from the beginning and crystal clear about any budgets.
  • We do the projects by our team and under our control without any outsourcing.
  • Payments through milestones and phases. You only pay for the current stage and to make sure you see your current project status.

Ask anything else to confirm with us before starting your project. We'll be more than happy to assist you using the contact us page or our free quotation page.

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