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ADVANCEDALPHA coaching website design and development

Community and Coaching
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
That is to say, creating a coaching website design and development for ADVANCEDALPHA was a joyful task that we enjoyed. To clarify, ADVANCEDALPHA is a coaching, community, and mastermind group of like-minded people, higher achievers who kick ass in every area of their lives. Visit the AdvancedAlpha website.
ADVANCEDALPHA Coaching website design and development
ADVANCEDALPHA Coaching website design and development

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to assist members in solving their problems with information and guidance from the other group members, including Health, Environment, Business, Finance, Education, Play, Relationships, and Contribution.


The initial ADVANCEDALPHA online coaching website had few major weaknesses, including a poor visual design. Secondly, it had performance and speed issues in addition to security and certification problems. The most difficult aspect of this project was to build the website's UI/UX and information architecture all in a really short time. We also need to make sure the navigation is clear and concise.
Many performance issues
Lack of any visual appeal
limited user experience (UX)

Our approach.

From the onset, we focused on developing a seamless and unified website identity. Further, we implemented a robust web server infrastructure to handle all the website's load and queries.
CMS system
Better server setups
Modern website design
ADVANCEDALPHA coaching website design and development

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ADVANCEDALPHA is a responsive coaching website

The ADVANCEDALPHA coaching website is designed and developed to be available through the most innovative devices and different screen resolutions. In other words, the website users can browse and participate on the go, whether it is on a desktop, tablet, or the latest smartphone.

The performance and speed of your coaching website is one of the most important aspects to monitor, as it could dramatically affect your conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction. It's important to recognize that of those people who abandon a site, 7/10 are because it takes too long to load.

Optimized coaching website speed and performance

ADVANCEDALPHA coaching website speed and performance

Coaching website SEO optimization

Above all, we always take care of our client's SEO by maintaining all of the best practices and technical aspects in mind. Furthermore, increasing the organic search score considerably to compete for the highest rankings in Google Search Engine Results (SERPs) even when it comes to very competitive keywords.

On-Site SEO
Meta information
Page structure
Link structure



Increase for all new online subscriptions throughout the website



Increase in ranking and having a better place in SERPs



Boost for engaging audiences and increase online revenue

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