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SwiftAssess Corporate website design and development

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That is to say, creating a corporate website design and development for SwiftAssess was joyful work that we experienced. In short, SwiftAssess is one of the top assessment platforms in the Middle East, delivering and tracking your assessment transformation strategy at all levels in your organization. Visit the SwiftAssess website.

SwiftAssess corporate website design and development
SwiftAssess corporate website design and development

SwiftAssess, as an assessment tool, provides numerous vital solutions, features, and workflows that automate actual evaluation processes in different organizations. Industry standards regarding security, accessibility, analytics, item banking, and more, with bespoke elements that answer essential needs when adopted by K-12, higher education, and more.


The original SwiftAssess online corporate website had a poor user experience (UX) with a lack of website interactivity, no visual attraction, and numerous performance issues. The most significant challenge is to re-work the complete website design and development from scratch. Additionally, refactor the information architecture (IA) without harming the old SEO and the simplicity of the required website in general.
Many performance issues
Lack of any visual appeal
limited user experience (UX)

Our approach.

We focused on creating a well-organized site architecture to increase brand awareness and business identity. In addition, we provided an artistic website design with an excellent user interface and user experience (UI/UX) to forward the philosophy and professional message upfront.
Corporate website design
CMS based development
Multilingual website development

Need a new corporate website that converts? We offer professional design and development services to get your business online.

SwiftAssess is a responsive corporate website

We designed and developed the SwiftAssess corporate website to be effortlessly reachable and available through most smart devices. In other words, the website users can browse and check all the public services while on the go, whether it is on a desktop, tablet, or the newest smartphone.

One of the most essential elements to track is the performance and speed of your company's corporate website, since it may have a significant impact on conversion rates and client satisfaction.

Optimized corporate website speed and performance

SwiftAssess corporate website speed and performance
On-Site SEO
Meta information
Page structure
Link structure

Corporate website SEO optimization

We always take care of our client's Search Engine Optimization manners by maintaining all of the technical and creative aspects in mind. Moreover, increasing the search score considerably to compete for the highest rankings Search Engine Results (SERPs) even when it comes to very competitive keywords.

SwiftAssess is a multilingual restaurant website

We developed SwiftAssess as a multilingual corporate website with four different languages (English, Arabic, French, and Spanish). As a result, their content is available in more than one language to have the potential increase in traffic by 100%. In short, it is an authentic way of standing out from other competitors.

SwiftAssess multilingual corporate website



Increase for all organic traffics consequently new clients reach



Visually engaging more clients online in addition to new referrals



Boost for further online inquires and sales through the website

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