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VIDEOHUB Entertainment website design and development

360° VideoHub
Entertainment and VR production
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

We enjoyed our work creating an entertainment website design and development for VIDEOHUB. We were able to fully engage with our talents and develop a site with features that are modern, immersive and fun to use. VIDEOHUB is one of the top specialists in innovative 360° video production services based in the Middle East, Europe, and beyond.

VIDEOHUB Entertainment website design and development
VIDEOHUB Entertainment website design and development
VIDEOHUB is a professional team that has expertise in all aspects of video production and virtual reality. Through years of rigorous testing, research and development, they have created a professional, powerful video marketing tool for brands across the globe, regardless of location or size.


VIDEOHUB agency received no online presence at the beginning of this project. There was also a lack of technical knowledge or expectations for the final website, which made it difficult to create an effective solution for their needs. The biggest challenge with this project was to do a complete website design and development from scratch without a clear roadmap for the final deliverables.
No clear requirements
No online presence
limited time for the project

Our approach.

Firstly, we started by clearly defining all of our goals and requirements in order to make them attainable. Secondly, we chose the right web development technologies stack to ensure that the website would provide a high-quality user experience. Finally, we provided an eye-catching design that would deliver the company's message and belief in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
Bootstrap web design
Professional UI/UX
Search Engine Optimization

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VIDEOHUB is a responsive entertainment website

With a design and development team committed to creating an accessible entertainment website that can be viewed through any device, the VIDEOHUB website is built to be navigated through desktops, tablets, and the latest smartphones alike.

The performance and speed of your entertainment website are two of the most important aspects to monitor, as they could greatly affect your conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction. For instance, if your website is not performing well then it will result in frustrated visitors and less traffic, which will also make your site less appealing to potential advertisers.

Optimized entertainment website speed and performance

VIDEOHUB entertainment website speed and performance

Entertainment website SEO optimization

We constantly take responsibility for our client's SEO and SERPs by applying the best methods and technical aspects while we develop the website. Moreover, the website will experience a dramatic increase in organic search score to compete with other websites for highly-ranked keywords.

On-Site SEO
Meta information
Page structure
Link structure



Boost for new online subscriptions through the website



Increase for all organic traffics; consequently, new clients reach



Visually engaging more clients online in addition to new referrals

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