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Event and Conference website design and development

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That is to say, building custom event and conference website design and development for NEUROCONGRESS was a joyful task that we endured. NEUROCONGRESS is a conference and event carried every few years to address neurological disorders.

NEUROCONGRESS Events and Conference website design and development
NEUROCONGRESS Events and Conference website design and development


NEUROCONGRESS lacked an online presence at the beginning of the event. In addition, no technical knowledge or expectations were required of the final website. The greatest challenge was to do custom and complete website design and development from scratch in a limited timeframe without a clear roadmap for the final deliverables. In addition, it needed a unique visual appearance for the entire user interface and user experience.
Lack of any visual appeal
limited user experience (UX)
Limited development time

Our approach.

We concentrated on clearly defining all the goals and requirements to make them attainable. In addition, we start choosing the best web technology stack. We provided an artistic website design to deliver the belief and the website message. Finally, we set the location and date of the event above the fold, use modern interactive elements, have a clear call-to-action to guide the website visitors, including a countdown feature.
Bootstrap website
Modern website design
Information Architecture (IA)
NEUROCONGRESS Events and Conference website design and development

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NEUROCONGRESS is a responsive event and conference website

NEUROCONGRESS design and development use the best practice in terms of responsiveness to be effortlessly reachable and available for almost all smart devices.

Ensuring that your event or conference website is performing well is one of the most important aspects to monitor. Performance can dramatically affect conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and general usability.

Optimized event and conference website speed and performance

ADVANCEDALPHA coaching website speed and performance

Conference website SEO optimization

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On-Site SEO
Meta information
Page structure
Link structure



Boost more online registrations for the event and conference



Increase for new audience applications through the website



Increase for all organic traffics, new attendances for the event

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