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WADIBIHRUN sports website design and development

Sports and Adventure
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Creating a sports website design and development for WADIBIHRUN was a joyous task that we endured. WADIBIHRUN is an intriguing way to get around some of the most remote areas in the UAE and Oman mountains. The tracks involve running across wild mountain fields with many relay categories and three solo race categories. Escape the city and challenge yourself to be part of the unique WADIBIHRUN experience which has become the famous sporting event of the region – held since 1993. Visit the WadiBihRun website.
WADIBIHRUN Sports website design and development
WADIBIHRUN Sports website design and development

The original Wadi Bih Run back to January 1993, formerly when 16 teams of five Hash House Harrier runners devoted to the love for the “great outdoors” wadis and mountains of the Northern Emirates, crossed from Ras Al Khaimah through Wadi Al Biyh over the Musandam mountains and down Wadi Al Khabb Shamsi to Dibba on the Gulf of Oman coast.


The initial WADIBIHRUN online sports website had limited visual appeal and many performance issues. In addition, the outdated website that didn't reflect the real identity of the sport. Developing the branding from scratch while also doing the design and development aspect of a website can be a challenge. We took on this task given that there was limited time available. In addition, We wanted to make sure that all parts of the UI had their own unique look and feel that delineates it from other UIs.
limited user experience (UX)
Lack of any visual appeal
Many performance issues

Our approach.

From the very beginning of the project, our team was directed to design a user interface (UI) that would reflect the website's uniqueness. We wanted to create an experience that had a minimalistic look and allowed for plenty of white space, and was intuitive for users to navigate.
Minimalistic website design
Search Engine Optimization
Information Architecture (IA)

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WADIBIHRUN is a responsive sports website

The WADIBIHRUN sports website is designed and developed to be available through the most innovative devices and different screen resolutions. In other words, the website users can browse and participate on the go, whether it is on a desktop, tablet, or the latest smartphone.

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Optimized sports website speed and performance

WADIBIHRUN sports website speed and performance

Sports website SEO optimization

We have been successful in the past in taking care of our clients’ SEO and SERPs by applying the best practices and technical aspects that are important while developing a website.

On-Site SEO
Meta information
Page structure
Link structure


New runners

Increase for new runners applications through the website



Boost engaging more audience online for the sport



Increase for all organic traffics; consequently, new runners reach

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