Why WooCommerce is the Best eCommerce Solution for Start-ups?

Why WooCommerce is the Best eCommerce Solution for Start-ups?

Ecommerce is one sector that has seen tremendous growth due to the Covid pandemic in the last two years, unlike other sectors, which have been affected either marginally or badly. Many eCommerce start-ups have come up recently and are competing for market share in their segment.

For eCommerce, the app and website must be up to the mark to survive the competition. It should have all the necessary features along with some unique features to stand out from the crowd.

There are several options for eCommerce app development, but WooCommerce is considered the best solution for start-ups. It is a WordPress plugin that is designed to simplify the process of running an online retail store. It was launched in 2011 and now supports over 2 million businesses across the world. Let’s see why it is being trusted by so many online retailers and what makes it a perfect solution for start-ups, especially.

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11 Reasons for Choosing WooCommerce for eCommerce Solutions by Start-ups

We discuss 11 different reasons why WooCommerce is considered the best solution for eCommerce start-ups. They vary from user-friendliness to analytics and SEO.

Reason#1 Free of Cost

WooCommerce is free at present and also provides good functionality, which makes it a perfect solution for an eCommerce start-up. There are other solutions available that are no doubt good, but they charge a hefty fee.

WooCommerce can be downloaded free of charge and has a wide range of built-in features. It also supports other extensions to take the functionality of your online store to a new level.

Reason#2 User-Friendly

Using WooCommerce will be very easy for you if you have used WordPress earlier. It has the same easy-to-use interface you have got accustomed to on WordPress. This ensures you do not have to spend time trying to learn a new interface. You can focus entirely on managing your business and improving your sales.

Reason#3 Flexibility

The flexibility provided by WooCommerce is the biggest advantage to start-ups. You can run your business smoothly without any need for technical knowledge. It also allows you to sell third-party products as an affiliate.

You can easily create new product categories and list groups. These features are what make it popular amongst both small and large online retailers.

The other benefit it provides is that it does not restrict you to an online store. As it is based on WordPress, it allows you to have a website, blog, and online store on one domain.

Reason#4 User’s Community

There are approximately 2 million eCommerce businesses that are using WooCommerce. This ensures that you will always have support if some issue crops up.

Any queries you have or any problem you face must probably have been dealt with in the past. You can get the answers simply by searching online. In case you do not find the answers, the WooCommerce community on Slack will help.

Reason#5 Order Handling

Any eCommerce store will not like to make a mess with order handling. In the case of an eCommerce store operating globally, the number of orders at any given point in time can be thousands.

With WooCommerce, order management is very easy as you can see all the essential order details on the dashboard, such as:

  • Order number (with customer & product details)
  • Order status (Fulfilled, refunded, or canceled)
  • Shipping status

Reason#6 Scalable

All eCommerce stores want to grow with time, but for that, they need to have a platform that is scalable. With WooCommerce, your online store does not have to move to another platform if it has expanded.

You also don’t have to pay higher subscription fees, as is the case with some of the other platforms. The only thing you need to do is to improve your hosting to support higher server loads thus you can focus on growing your brand and increasing your sales as much as possible.

Reason#7 Secure

All online retailers must deal with sensitive information, including customers’ contact details, payment details, bank details, and credit card information.

This makes Data Security an important criterion for the selection of your eCommerce platform. WooCommerce provides the level of security which is needed to prevent cyber attacks and data pilferage.

WooCommerce developers constantly push updates to plug loopholes before they are exploited. The WooCommerce community ensures that any concerns are immediately flagged.

Reason#8 Extensions

WooCommerce has most of the features which are required to launch an eCommerce start-up. In case you need additional features, you can rely on extensions provided by the WooCommerce Extensions store. Both free and paid extensions are available, covering functions for marketing, reporting, accounting, payment gateways, etc.

Some of the popular extensions of WooCommerce include:

  • WooCommerce Product Table
    This helps in listing your WooCommerce products in a sortable and searchable format.
  • Woo Subscriptions
    You can set up product pages that support recurring payments and ongoing subscriptions.
  • Table Rate Shipping
    It offers more flexibility with shipping options.

Reason#9 Social Media Integration

WooCommerce provides easy social media integrations with plugins and extensions. This allows you to add social media share buttons on product and category pages.

Users can also log in to your eCommerce store using social media integration. This feature simplifies sign-up processes for the Ecommerce portals a lot.

There are extensions that allow users to share their activity on social media platforms. For example, when they purchase or view a product, it can be shared on social media. All these activities help in improving the visibility of the brand.

Reason#10 Analytics

All website owners require analytics, and WooCommerce comes with an inbuilt analytics system. This analytics system is very efficient and shows crystal-clear data.

Most eCommerce site owners prefer WooCommerce for this reason, as they don’t have to make use of external analytics tools. There are many premium tools available that can give in-depth results, but for start-ups, they are too costly and complex to work with.

WooCommerce Analytics has an intuitive interface that helps all businesses to identify potential customer activities and details. It helps online retailers in recognizing how the customers are interacting with the store and its products.

Reason#11 SEO

Everyone is focusing on SEO to get a better rank on Google and spending a fortune trying to do so. WooCommerce is designed in a way that makes it discoverable by search engines.

As WooCommerce is based on WordPress, it provides you with some options to improve your brand’s visibility. For example, you can edit product and page URLs, write product and meta descriptions and publish customer reviews. All these methods are known to improve search rankings.

On a closing note…

If you are thinking about launching an eCommerce store soon, think no further than WooCommerce. You can trust the platform’s robustness and focus exclusively on growing your business.

Gone are the days when there was little competition in the eCommerce domain. With so many players competing for market share, you cannot leave anything to chance.

If you are looking for a partner who can help you with setting up your eCommerce store with the WooCommerce platform or developing your next amazing WooCommerce, get in touch with us at Simplixi for the best experience and prices.

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